What is Asbestos Physical?

Asbestos, which is found in rocks and soil, is a mineral fiber.

Due to its effectiveness, it has long been used in some industries and construction. But, long exposure to Asbestos can cause some severe health problems in you.

Asbestos physical is a test composing of comprehensive medical examination, pulmonary function test, chest X-ray, OSHA respiratory medical questionnaire, work and medical history review, and other lab tests that the examining physicians see necessary for reviewing medical work history and medical exam results.

A licensed physician or supervisor must perform the OSHA Asbestos physical.

The test must be conducted annually except for the chest x-ray. The chest x-ray needs to be conducted every five years within the first ten years of exposure.

After ten years, the frequency of the x-ray will depend on the age of the employee. Employers must also keep accurate records of exposure measurements for at least 30 years.

Asbestos Physical

Importance of Asbestos Physical

It is very beneficial to use Asbestos for commercial and residential buildings. But the Asbestos has a serious health threat to human beings. The Asbestos fibers can be dangerous to the workers and can cause lung cancer, asbestosis (a lung disease), and respiratory problems.

The records of the Asbestos physical testing enhance the efficiency at work and also increases the productivity and the working capacity. A properly maintained record of the Asbestos physical training restricts the employee from quitting work.

Asbestos physical testing is highly crucial for anyone working in a home and a business building. Asbestos not only enhances the company’s credibility but also awareness of the employees if they have any respiratory problems or life-threatening diseases.


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