What is IME or Disability Evaluation?

IME or disability evaluation is a test to examine the patient’s physical, emotional, and mental state. As a result, an IME plays an important role in worker’s compensation cases, personal injury litigation, and long-term disability claims. The physician must have the qualifications to conduct an IME and not be influenced by the patient or an interested party. An independent medical examination (IME) is done by a certified physician who has been selected by the employer, by an insurance company, or by the workman’s compensation company. The IME is intended to be an objective evaluation that is done by a third-party examiner, and it can be ordered by employers, insurance companies, benefits providers, or lawyers. Once the examination is complete, a report is sent to the group ordering the IME: employer, the insurance company, benefits providers, or the lawyer. It should be noted that the physician does not perform a disability rating or determine the extent of the person’s disability.

IME or Disability Evaluation


The IME Evaluation has long been performed at SNOHC. It includes:


The IME examiners at SNOHC observe the general appearance of the patient. How the patient walks in the room, how does he sit on the chair, how does he stand and how does he talk and see are the general observations of the examiner. The doctor will also observe the hygiene, dressing, weight, mental state, physical state, and activeness of the patient.


Any deceptive signs given by the patient will trigger the observatory skills of the examiner. The examiner will immediately notice the exaggerating symptoms showed by the patient unintentionally or intentionally.


The examiner will also look for any wounds, scratches, lesions, internal injuries, and swelled spots. The examiner will also examine the body parts if the patients report about chronic pain.


At SNOHC, the examiner will also examine the patient’s X-RAY, CT scans, MRI reports, and EMG nerve conduction reports. The examiner will try to find the measured damage or injury to the patient’s body. The examiner will then evaluate and elaborate if the discomfort and pain are consistent and due to the injury in the patient’s body.

It is common for large and small companies to encounter disputes in the areas of workplace accidents, personal injury, and workman’s compensation. Everyone involved wants to do the right thing. Sometimes, unfortunately, getting the true facts in order to settle the claim may become a challenge. If you or the person making a claim called claimant become involved in an accident or injury claim, you both have the right to an independent medical exam (IME). So IME plays an important role in such disputes.

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