Department of Transportation (DOT) testing has its own set of requirements that employees have to meet to be eligible for the work. There is also a special documentation process that the provider has to complete to communicate to the employer. Workers who are working in extremely sensitive positions or unsafe environments falling under DOT jurisdiction must undergo a urine drug test. At SNOHC, we provide DOT test for employees in Las Vegas.

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Why DOT Drug testing is subjected to safety-sensitive employees?

DOT Drug Testing is subjected to everyone who is designated as a safety-sensitive employee in DOT Regulations. The main purpose of this regulation is to ensure the safety of yourself, co-workers and the traveling public.

The transportation industry is working harder to decrease accidents which are being caused by the use of drugs and alcohol. Although the human risk factor is present there too, some of the transportation workers do use alcohol and drugs despite all the serious efforts to discourage them. Therefore, it is a must to keep trying to improve the safety record where drug and alcohol abuse is concerned. And this can be started by implementing the proper rules for drug testing which can ensure the employees are not addicted to substance abuse as well as they are educated about the consequences of drug and alcohol use in a proper way.

United States Congress identified the need of DOT drug testing to make the transportation industry drug & alcohol free. Therefore, all the DOT agencies are required to implement DOT drug testing especially for the employees designated as safety-sensitive employees. This is really important to ensure the safest transportation system.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol testing are performed at the SNOC to help the employers comply the specific employment policies that are mandated by federal regulations and insurance requirements…

DOT & Non DOT Drug Testing

Department of transportation testing has its own set of requirements that the SNOHC facility has to complete before they can complete the work clearance…

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