What is DOT (Department of Transportation) Physical evaluation?

In DOT Physical Exam, certified DOT medical examiner assesses individual physical and mental health to ensure no medical conditions will interfere with an individuals ability to drive and operate a vehicle safely. The doctor performs a series of tests and assessment such as blood pressure, vision, hearing, physical and mental health evaluations during DOT examination.

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Department Of Transportation (DOT) Physical Exam Requirements

Before taking the Department of Transportation physical exam, all the drivers and the candidates should be capable of:

  • The driver should be keen in seeing, hearing and thinking. The drivers have to have a visual or visual intellectual acuity of 20/40 with or with or without using corrective visual aids.
  • The drivers should have a 70 degrees or more vision in each eye.
  • The drivers should be able to hear a forced whisper within the perimeter of 5 feet, but without using any corrective hearing aid.
  • The drivers should pass the compulsory audiometer assessment.
  • The drivers should not have a history of high or low blood pressure. The blood pressure should be at 140/90.

What Makes a Driver Disqualified for DOT

There are certain conditions that automatically disqualify the drivers and make them ineligible to take the DOT physical exam. The conditions are

  • The driver having a history of alcohol addiction. The driver will automatically be disqualified upon having an alcohol addiction.
  • The driver will be disqualified if he has history of using recreational and sedative drugs such as marijuana and hash.
  • The drivers undergoing a treatment that involves prescribed drugs.
  • The drivers having a history of seizures.
  • The drivers with a lost limb or other physical limitation.

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