Why workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing is important?

Substance abuse is one of the most major concerns at the present time, especially at the workplace. Research reports are showing the facts that drug abuse is costing billions of dollars to businesses for the lost in employees’ productivity and more spending on healthcare and insurance.

Drug and alcohol testing before hiring (Pre-employment drug and alcohol testing) any employee will let the businesses avoid to hire who are drug dependents. While Random drug and alcohol testing is important to ensure workplace safety and especially for safety-sensitive jobs to safeguard the secret information of the company. Similarly, post-incident drug testing is also important to consider. It is because the workers who used to consume drugs and alcohol pose an enhanced risk of errors in their work and injuries too. Therefore, with the involvement of a lawsuit, the employer will get a better chance to absolve himself from any kind of responsibility with ease.

Even more, Drug and alcohol testing can help businesses to maintain effective productivity and can ensure the protection of employee and business in the best possible way. Additionally, it would also become easier to reduce the average healthcare expenses in an effective way.

How drug tests are performed at SNOHC?

Drug and alcohol testing is performed at the SNOC to help the employers comply with the specific employment policies that are mandated by federal regulations and insurance requirements. The process of drug and alcohol screening at the SNHOC is done through BAT and can test urine, and hair. This drug and alcohol testing can be done for a post-offer physical, post-accident, random testing, or return-to-work. With more than 15+ years of experience in an occupational clinic, we are one of the pioneers to do such tests in Las Vegas.

The Drug test can be done for Pre-Employment as well. The client either submit to a drug, urine or a breathalyzer test (BAT), depending on what the requesting company needs, SNOC performs before a clearance can be given to the Employee.

Pre-employment Drug and Alcohol Tests

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol testing are performed at the SNOC to help the employers comply the specific employment policies that are mandated by federal regulations and insurance requirements…

DOT & Non DOT Drug Testing

Department of transportation testing has its own set of requirements that the SNOHC facility has to complete before they can complete the work clearance…

Full-Service X-ray

is a quick, painless test that produces images of the structures inside your body, particularly your bones.

Audiometric W/ interpretation

SNOHC also provides in house service for those with hearing impairments


EKG is a test that records the electrical activity of your heart through small electrode patches that a technician attaches to the skin of your chest, arms, and legs

Respiratory Fit test

If you work in areas where you could possibly breathe in particulates, vapors or fibers, you probably already know that wearing respirators is crucial to your health and safety.