What is Fit for Duty Physical?

According to OSHA, an employee is considered “fit for duty” when his/her mental, physical, and emotional state enables them to perform the assigned duties safely.

Employees need to do tasks in such a way that the safety of co-workers, the public, and property is not threatened.

It is a necessity for all employees, especially those who perform safety-sensitive tasks to be Fit For Duty.

What does Fit for Duty examination evaluate?

A Fit-for-Duty test is a series of medical and physical testing, designed to match a candidate’s physical and mental abilities that the job they are applying for demands:

  • Physical requirements, vision, hearing, etc.
  • Physiological conditions: fatigue, alcohol, drugs, etc.
  • Psychological condition

How is “Fit For Duty” Exam Done at SNOHC?

The employee will visit SNOHC and the medical professional check through some evaluations that if he/she is fit for duty or not. The medical professional may consider physical or mental abilities, sensory acuity, level of skill, functional limitations, etc.
The medical professional will typically only report one of three conditions back to the employer:

  • Fit
  • Unfit, or
  • Fit subject to work modifications.

Fit for duty is by no means to be used as a way to assess the disability of a person or the severity of the disability.

Types of Fit for duty physical exams Performed at SNOHC

Return to work physical exam

This exam is usually taken by the employee who was on leave. This test can be conducted to see if the employee is fit to continue after the leave.

Job performance physical exam

This test is conducted to evaluate the physical and mental performance of an employee on a job. It is to ensure if the employee has the intellectual and physical capabilities to handle the physical and mental work pressure.

Post-offer physical exam

They are also known as pre-placement assessments. They are taken by the candidates who have been selected for the job.

The simple way to avoid work comp claims for employers is: Don’t put the wrong worker to work. The wrong worker can be defined as anyone who is unable or unready to complete assigned job functions. You can identify the wrong workers by Fit for Duty exam. These exams will protect you from the next work comp claim and the workers from injuries.


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Some of the physical exams performed at SNOHC include post offer exams to new employees, annual exams for existing employees …

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