What is a Flu vaccine? When do we need it?

To protect yourself from the flu and stop its spread, you need a flu vaccine. The flu shot is a form of the vaccine that you get in your arm. Flu vaccines are made to target three or four types of flu viruses that are most likely to make you sick during the upcoming year. Almost everyone 6 months old and older should get a flu vaccine every year. You should get the vaccine as soon as it becomes available, by October, if possible. It’s best to get the vaccine before the flu season starts. But you can still get it in January or later. Talk to your doctor before you get the vaccine if you have any of these symptoms: An allergy to eggs or any of the other ingredients in the vaccine, history of Guillain-Barre syndrome, or If you’re not feeling well.

Reasons to have flu vaccine

There are various reasons due to which you have to get flu vaccine but most of the people do not know why it can be better for them to get flu vaccine. For such people knowing about the following reasons could be better in this regard:

  • Flu vaccine has the ability to prevent flu-related illness and will keep you away from visiting doctors again and again. In the seasons when flu is more common, then the flu vaccine will reduce the risk of your having flu.
  • Flu vaccination has the ability to prevent you from the serious medical issues which are associated with the chronic conditions. Even more, it also has shown decreased hospitalization among the persons with chronic lungs disease and diabetes.
  • Flu vaccination in kids can reduce the risk of a child dying with influenza. Due to which it is being considered as a life-saving option for children.

By having flu vaccine, you can also protect your loved ones who are around you in the best possible way. Well, the perfect time to get flu vaccine is before the beginning of flu season. It is because this will help you to stay healthy and safe from flu in the entire season with ease.

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