What is Hazmat Physical?

Hazmat is short for Hazardous Materials. OSHA regulates a Hazmat Physical exam for workers who are exposed to hazardous chemicals, which could cause health problems.
In the unlikely event that an employee has been exposed to hazardous materials that can threaten health, the exam determines if he/she is safe to return to work.

When an employee is exposed to hazardous materials, they may be ordered to have a comprehensive postexposure medical evaluation at SNOHC. It includes a review of their health/work history and a physical exam. The physical exam should target the body’s systems that could be affected by hazardous materials. Evaluation is done to determine if the chemicals have caused any harm to the patient.

Hazmat Physical

The physician may order:

  • Samples of blood and urine are taken to check for any signs of exposure
  • Auditory test
  • Spirometry test (checks lung function)
  • Hearing tests
  • Lab work
  • Pulmonary function tests
  • Chest X-ray
  • ECG (Electro-Cardiogram)
  • Hepatitis B or tetanus test (plus vaccine)

Hazmat Physical is Required when:

  • Having health issues due to overexposure
  • Amount of Work exposure exceeds the OSHA Permissible exposure levels ( PELs)
  • A respirator mask is worn for greater than 30 Days each work year
  • A job includes a response to hazardous materials cleanup and restoration to contaminated sites

How Hazmat Physical is performed at SNOHC?

  • Apart from specific chemical tests, at SNOHC, we run additional medical tests depending upon the exposure to certain chemicals, available information, and the history of exposure to different chemicals. At SNOHC, each individual is tested specifically depending on the wounds, injuries, and exposure to specific harmful chemicals. However, we do not run large and collective tests as it makes the Hazmat physical evaluation difficult. Running joint tests can produce wrong positive results.
  • Pulmonary function tests are run at SNOHC on the individuals who use a respirator or who have been exposed to the toxic substances. Pulmonary function tests are also run on the patients who have reported irritation and hesitation in breathing. These tests are also essential for patients who have a history of breathing problems.
  • Also, Hazmat physical test at SNOHC includes audiometric tests. The audiometric tests at SNOHC are run on the patients or the employees who are regularly exposed to high noises or who work in noisy environments.

What is Hazpower physical?

Hazpower means Hazardous Waste Operations and also Emergency Response. a hazpower exam or hazpower physical is required when:

  • Workers are exposed to hazardous substances or material above the PELs (permissible exposure levels) set by OSHA.
  • The workers wear a respirator for 30 days annually.
  • When an employee works on a HAZMAT team or Becomes sick from possible overexposure
  • A job includes a response to hazardous materials


Thirty-two million workers work and are exposed to one or more chemical hazards. OSHA regulates a Hazmat Physical exam for workers who are exposed to hazardous chemicals.

OSHA also mandates that every institution/company dealing with such chemicals has a policy on hazardous materials.

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