The HEP A, B, C Titer is conducted to find out whether the person has been suffering from hepatitis A, B or C. it helps to find out the presence of disease-causing agents in the body that helps with the further diagnosis. Here is how HEP A, B, C Titer will be helpful for you.

What does HEP A, B, C Titer shows

In this process, there will be the presence of HAV, HBV or HCV in the body of the person who has been recently infected. It can also show the presence of an acute attack. However, if the HEP A, B, C Titer has indicated the presence of HA, HB or HC antibodies in the blood it will further lead to two types of diagnosis which are that the person is immune to the disease due to vaccination or he is infected which means that he needs proper medical care to cure the disease.

If you are wondering that from where you should get the test conducted we have the facilities you need. As well as our specialists will check your reports and let you know whether you are perfectly normal or you need to get more tests done.