What are the physical exams provided at SNOHC?

Some of the physical exams performed at SNOHC include post offer exams to new employees, annual exams for existing employees, department of transportation (DOT) or other specialized or required physical exams, executive physicals, return to work evaluations, asbestos physical, audio physical, FIT for Duty evaluations, Lift tests, and evaluations for medical conditions and those with chronic disease.. Furthermore, independent medical evaluation, disability evaluations, workplaces evaluation (IME), functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) , immunizations are among other services SNOHC may provide. At SNOHC, we perform annual physical exam and evaluate for risk assessment to enhance company production and employee safety. Testing that can be done include the drug testing, urine, hair testing, Fit for duty evaluations, disability evaluations, onsite services/workplace evaluations, work conditioning and functional capacity evaluation


Post offer exam is a physical exam that must be taken by the applicant, who has already been selected for the job. The post offer exam determines if the selected candidate can handle the physical demand of the job. Some physical tasks related to the occupation are assigned to the person, to see if he can do it in a systematic manner.


At SNOHC, the existing employees have to take the annual exam which determines the working ability, intellectual capacity, work experience and the exposure to the occupation. This exam basically evaluates the person through his work experience and the intellectual capacity.


At SNOHC, all the lorry and truck drivers have to take the Department of Transportation physical exam. In this exam, we determine the physical capabilities of the drivers. We test the drivers for the upcoming exhaustion, long hour drives, and stress, due to driving commercial automobiles.


At SNOHC, we give the annual physical exam to all the staff and employees to see if they are still capable of doing their jobs in a safe manner. This exam is to enhance the efficiency, working capability and production of the employees.

Other Physical Exams

Asbestos Physical

Asbestos physical is a type of physical exam composed of comprehensive medical examination, work and medical history review, chest X ray, pulmonary function test …

Hazmat Physical

OSHA requires that every institution has a policy on Hazardous Materials (Hazmat). The policy should be designed to protect employees from possible accidental exposure to chemicals …

Fit for Duty

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a person is “fit for duty” when their mental, physical and emotional state enables the employee to safely perform …

DOT Physical

Our certified DOT medical examiner assesses individual physical and mental health to ensure no medical conditions will interfere with an individual ability to drive and operate a vehicle safely…

Audio Physical

An audiometry exam is to test patient ability to hear sounds. Sounds vary, based on their loudness (intensity) and the speed of …

Post Offer Physical

Briefly, Post Offer Physical Examination determine if a person (employee) who wants to apply for a job, is physically capable of performing the demands of a job…

Needle Stick Injury

Needle Stick Injury is a common problem these days. It should be taken seriously because the needle might have been contaminated by the germs of a harmful disease…


Some of the physical exams performed at SNOHC include post offer exams to new employees, annual exams for existing employees …
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