What is a post-offer physical exam?

The post-offer physical examination is a program to assure that recruiters for identified positions hold the necessary physical capability, endurance, strength, overall physical fitness to do the essential functions of the job safely. You can offer a post-offer physical only when you find a recruiter suitable for a job. According to recent studies, companies who use post-offer employment testing, gain an average 47% fewer workers’ injuries and triple higher maintenance than those who don’t use POET. On average, one in fourteen recruits end up in a “not capable” determination, saving potential employers an estimated $10,000 – $30,000 for each such decision.

Advantages of the post-offer physical exam

  • Enhance the efficiency
  • Mental Preparation
  • Minimal accident
  • Fewer Injuries
  • Decreasing workers’ compensation costs—up 50% on average

Post-Offer Physical

Advantages of the post-offer physical exam

  • Enhance the efficiency
  • Mental Preparation
  • Minimal accident
  • Fewer Injuries
  • Decreasing workers’ compensation costs—up 50% on average

Is it legal?

The post-offer physical exam is legal and does not contradict the policy is carried out systematically.

Are there any risks?


Most parts of a physical exam take no risks. Some mild discomfort and pain might happen while inserting a needle into the vein for blood withdrawal. A small bruise may also develop after you remove it. This bruise will heal in a few days.

Where and how will the exam be performed?

You can complete full physical exams with an occupational medicine provider at an occupational health center.

How is a physical examination performed at SNOHC?

One of our nurses will ask you some questions concerning your medical history, including any allergies, prior surgeries, or symptoms you have had. They also ask about your lifestyle, including if you work out, smoke, or drinking habits.

Then he/she will usually begin the exam by examining your body for unusual signs or growths. You could sit or stand during this part of the review.

Next, they might have you lie down and will feel your stomach and other parts of your body. When doing this, the nurse is examining the consistency, location, size, tenderness, and texture of your organs.

Then the examiner will use a stethoscope — the listening device doctors mostly have — to listen to various parts of your body. It may involve listening to your lungs while you take deep breaths and listening to your intestines. To make sure there are no irregular sounds, the doctor will listen to your heart.

Increasingly, employers are recognizing the benefits of incorporating a post-offer physical exam (POET) into their employment process. A POET provides employers with information that helps them to place employees in appropriate jobs.

A well-designed post-offer physical exam program will result in fewer injuries, accidents, and in the long run, save your company money.


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Some of the physical exams performed at SNOHC include post offer exams to new employees, annual exams for existing employees …

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