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Keep Your Employees Safe and Healthy

Statistics show that doing regular safety tests for employees will keep them and the workplace safe which saves a lot of unnecessary costs. Based on OSHA’s standards, it is the employer’s responsibility to make sure necessary physical exams, tests and screens and vaccinations are performed properly before and after the employment. These exams are including, but not limited to, Pre-Employment, Post Offer, Fit for Duty, Department of Transportation (DOT), Asbestos, Hazmat, Audiometry, Drug and Alcohol, Pulmonary, T spot, Respirator Fit Test, and many more.

But Where and How?

OSHA requires employers to perform these exams at clinics that are complied with OSHA standards. Southern Nevada Occupational Health Clinic (SNOHC), with more than 15+ years of experience, performs services compliance with OSHA standards to enhance hazard awareness, safety, health, productivity, and most importantly, to prevent/cure workplace injuries. By providing all necessary occupational health services in the clinic as well as your workplace, in addition to training sessions, you will rest assured that SNOHC team will prevent all costly work injuries.

Dr. Amir Nicknam, the founder of SNOHC, is a board-certified family practice physician with over 15 years of clinical experience in Occupational Medicine. He is also a Fellow of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (FACOEM). All services provided here are supervised by him.

SNOHC has been providing a wide range of occupational health services for +15 years in Southern Nevada. Our philosophy is to promote a safe and healthy work environment to prevent injuries and improve the productivity of all workers. Let’s start the journey with us today by filling the following form.

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Occupational Health Services SNOHC Performs

Tests & Screens

Hair & Urine Drug Test
Breath & Blood Alcohol Test
Full-Service X-ray & ECG/EKG
MMR, Varicella, Hep A & B Titers
Pulmonary Function Testing (PFT)
TB Skin, T Spot & Quantiferon
Respirator Fit Test
Audiometric Exam

Workman's Comp

Occupational Injury Treatment
Physician’s Referrals
Onsite Physical Exams
Onsite Tests and Screens
Pre-Employment Tests
Post Employments Treatments


Laboratory Services
DTaP and Tdap Vaccine
Hep A & B Vaccine
Flu Vaccine
MMR Vaccine
Varicella Vaccine
Blood Test

Physical Exams

Pre-employment/New Hire Physical
Independent Medical Exam (IME)
Auditory Physical Exam
Respiratory Physical
Post Offer Physical
DOT / CDL Physical
Fit For Duty (FFD)
Hazmat Physical
Asbestos Physical
Needle Stick Injury

Dr. Amir Nicknam (Founder)

Dr. Amir Nicknam is a board-certified physician specializing in family practice and is Fellow of American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

  • MD
  • MPH
  • CIME

Our Mission

is to provide excellent care and customer service to all patients and clients in a professional environment.

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