The number of infected people with coronavirus is increasing. People keep asking questions over employees’ safety against coronavirus at the workplace. The status is developing, and everyone is monitoring the situation. Governments have imposed quarantines and shut borders. Companies have imposed travel restrictions. The economic and human impacts on businesses have been stark. But, some…

Coronavirus Treatment and Prevention

In early 2020, Coronavirus became the news headlines all over the world because of the unprecedented speed of its transmission. Over 150 countries are dealing with it and many are trying to find Coronavirus treatment. But, up to now (March 15th, 2020), no promising results have been achieved. Despite the global concern and panic over…


The Coronavirus has become the main worry of many organizations, governments, and of course, people. The CDC recommends not to panic, and everything is under control. Coronavirus broke the record of the SARS death toll in 2003 and is increasing to move ahead. Some don’t take the safety precautions seriously, and it worries health organizations…

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