Hepatitis A and B vaccine

“By the reports provided by the World Health Organization, 2,850,000 people became newly infected with hepatitis in 2017. Viral hepatitis A and B affects 325 million people worldwide, causing 1.4 million deaths a year”. Hepatitis is considered the second major killer infectious disease, after tuberculosis (Tuberculosis or TB is a disease that’s caused by bacteria called…

DOT physical Exam

Department of Transportation physical – DOT Exam How many people die in car accidents annually in the United States of America? Reports indicate that 40,327 people were killed in U.S. vehicle accidents in 2017. Large trucks cause 8 percent of vehicle fatal accidents in the U.S. This is why when you become a truck driver…

drug and alcohol test

Employment drug and alcohol test There are several ways to avoid work-related injuries such as providing training, protecting mechanisms for managing risk examinations, and safety reviews. Another simple and preventive method is employment drug and alcohol testing. It is an effective way to create a safe work environment. This procedure can reduce the risk of…

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