Are you wondering whether you should get your Titer checked or not? Lack of information about Titer is the reason you are unable to decide? Well, do not worry because here we have everything you should know about Titer.

What is Titer?

It is a type of test which is used to measure the concentration. The test is performed in the lab to check the presence and concentration of antibodies in the blood. Blood is drawn from the patient and a complete analysis is done on the blood to find out the presence of any kind of disease or bacteria. Titer testing is also performed to check whether a person needs a vaccination or is he immune to certain diseases.

How Does Titer testing work?

There is only a positive or negative value in the Titer test. It can be used to check the presence of any kind of infection in the body. The test will show us the concentration of disease-causing agents or antibodies in the blood that will help in further diagnosis. It can be done to check various diseases.

  1. Hepatitis A, B
  2. Rabies
  3. Chickenpox
  4. Rubella
  5. Mumps
  6. Tuberculosis
  7. Measles

We have all the latest equipment and technologies available to conduct Titer testing.

Drug & Alcohol Testing

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DOT & Non DOT Drug Testing

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