What is Varicella Titer?

Varicella Titer is another type of testing process that is used for checking the concentration of IgM antibodies in the blood. It also helps to find out whether the person has got a particular vaccination or not.

Why do we need a Varicella Titer?

When the Varicella like rash appears on the body then Varicella Titer is conducted to find out whether there has been a rapid increase in IgM antibodies and 4 times more increase in the IgG antibodies. It indicates that the person is suffering from a disease called chickenpox.

What does Varicella Titer indicate?

There are two values which are given in the Varicella Titer which is positive and negative. The negative IgM result with a positive IgG result shows that a person has been previously vaccinated or he has the infection previously due to which the body has developed a natural immunity against the virus.

There is protective immunity against reinfection in such individuals. However, there might be other tests required to rule out the infection causing agents.

That is why it is better to consult our experts when it comes to Varicella Titer testing. They will guide regarding your reports about the treatment that you should be taking

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